on november, I went to jogja with my office friend to enjoy  vacation.,well..that’s great, it had already planed before we began going to somewhare..even the budget we collete every mount,


I went there with car., actually rent car.., on the way that began to make me suck..!!., hahahaa

with traffic jam of Jakarta that make me crazy on tomang highway I feel headache and almost trow up hhmm maybe I sat on back . so i asked to get front off.,


we planed to go to borobudur tample that’s main destination, jalan malioboro, goa pindul (pindul cave), parangtritis beach, prambanan tample and kaliurang waterfall .   but we only have been for several place such as Borobudur, jalan malioboro and goa pindul.,



DAY 1 st ,



after we had been going for above 10 hour on the road., we stay on pakem sari hotel., pakem sari is located at kaliurang city., near from borobudur dan kaliurang waterfall., about condition of hotel hhmmm not too bad with Rp. 200.000 ($ 20 ) / Night .,very cheap, before we got this hotel we have been looked for the other but unfortunately all hotel at Jogja hotel was full., that amazing.., jogja is famous destination on java ever.., say woww.., with “koprol” hahahaaa..,




Yeaahh.., I called this the hurry travel I known :-(., I have  already  arrived, not had a break but my friend’s asked me went to malioboro.., so tiered. but alwas smile…, when take a picture.., hahahaaa..,



DAY 2nd




Built as for Buddhists’s ritual, so Beautiful, I was thinking how they made the amazing architecture like this in ancient times., I am proud to be indonesian people., full with culture., :-)..,




GOA PINDUL  (the scary cave I thought)


hhmmm.., afer we went to borobudur we went to goa pindul.., cross the kidul hill, the mystic hill  i thought don’t say dirty word, keep your act., you must polite here.., if you not want to get everything to bad.

after we arrive at pindul cave., everything was looked oke..,travel guide explained the history about cave., how this cave formed from natural, enjoy cross the alley of cave with tire ….that made my pant wet and feel my bottom cold., hahaha.,


but after we want to went back to the hotel on the car my friend dilla possessed.., hhmm that’s make me scary., I prayed , we all prayed ., that made my heart beat  faster..

dilla said she was awaited someone., laughed and cried  she acted just like another person ., ooouugghh not felt so good., finally she unconscious .., we brought to the hospital.

turn out she had a problem with her boyfriend she thought to much at goa pindul that made her mind empty and made spirits come to her mind..,


my heart beat  faster even I was at the hotel.., hope. tomorrow come faster..,



Day 3th (Last Day)


yeah.. I felt better.., and ready went back to jakarta. stop in malioboro to buy souvenir and gift.,

in java road is devided by two main destination to cross all java rute., first it’s called pantura (pantai utara) / north beach route and jalur selatan / south route.,

we used pantura to went to jogja and jalur selatan to went back but we can used both of it., if we used pantura we can look beach along the road because near from beach and pantura have the straight road terrain and if we used jalur selatan we will look the hill, and greener environment but have field winding road, hhmmm that’s make me headache again, Finnally threw up at fuel station while the car refill the fuel., wwwuuueekkk.., hahahahahaaa..,


and along the trip to went back a smelt the stink .., damn..it has fart…




















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